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Event Recap: Street Fair Parking

October 14 was a beautiful fall day and many came to Yellow Springs, Ohio to attend the Street Fair. We made a few changes to our annual parking fundraiser, including enhanced marketing and increased pricing and it paid off! The PTO was able to raise $5,900, a huge increase from previous years.

Mills Lawn is right in the center of Street Fair and we are pleased to be able to offer ample parking spaces as well as a large number of accessible handicap parking for those who need it. This is especially crucial as the other handicap spots at The Bryan Center are now used for additional vendor parking.

Event details:

dozens of volunteers

840 of cars served

$5,900 raised

The Mills Lawn PTO is ever grateful to the wonderful volunteers who help make this such a significant fundraiser for us. And of course a huge Shoutout to our partners, The Boy Scouts!

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